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Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists + Diamond Cutting

Alloy Wheel Repair / Refurbishment with either a customised or OEM finish and Alloy Wheel Diamond Cutting

Need your Alloy Wheels Repaired / Updating and looking like new? Then Scalloys are able to refurbish any alloy wheel.

Before we can give you a price we need to decide if your wheel is a standard painted wheel or the “New” Diamond Cut Alloy Wheel.

Diamond Cutting is currently the ‘in’ wheel, it’s still an Alloy Wheel and even repaired using the same techniques as a standard painted wheel, but they are ‘cut’ using a diamond; carried out on a CNC Lathe.

Diamond Cut wheels are now showing on more and more cars, with car manufacturers putting them on more sporty and luxurious models.

So Diamond, painted or both? Please find our complete alloy wheel repair price List with sizes.

We can repair any wheel back to it’s original OEM finish or completely customise.

Complete Alloy Wheel Repair / Refurbishment

Alloy wheels are an integral part of your car, not only do they look good but they need to be safe!

So kerbing a wheel or even having a cracked wheel needs to be fixed professionally, Scalloys can repair and finish your wheels so they are like new.

We will need the to take the damaged wheels off your car, so we can start the process of repair. Dependant upon the wheel and required repair, repairs will take various processes that will transform your wheel back to its original condition.

Once are technicians receive your wheel, they completely remove the tyre; whereby the alloy is tested and checked for other defects.

The alloy is then repaired using a number of techniques and then dipped and completely stripped of any existing paint.

We then prime, bake and smooth off the primer where it is “flatted” to get a near perfect smooth finish.

Your alloy is then inspected again and checked ready for painting.

We can paint your wheel either to an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), or if we are working on all 4 of your wheels; you can have them in a colour of your choice.

The alloy is then baked for a second time then sprayed with a protective lacquer and re-apply heat until completely dry.

Finally, wheels are inspected before returning them to your car.

On returning the wheels to your car, we balance each wheel and leave them looking like new!

We would like your feedback so on completion, we will invite you to inspect our work; if you’re happy then we’re happy.

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